Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back Pack Buddies

Back Pack Buddies is a community program that offers nutritious, child-friendly, self-serve, nonperishable food to children on Friday's to eat over the weekend. The program is free and available to families that can benefit from the support. Making connections with the community to service students and families is an integral role of the school counselor and their comprehensive and developmental program. Back Pack Buddies is available around the country for counselors to implement in their schools. We are very fortunate to have various local organizations available to support students and families with this program.



  1. My state has Backpacks for Kids at the elementary level. It's through the state regional food bank! However, there hasn't been anything for kids once they promote out of the elementary grades. Recently the same food bank has started food pantries for middle schools and high schools. Same concept as the Friday back packs but, kids either go through the pantry or someone fills a them and they take it home. I've been doing this two years now and we were 11kids on a weekly basis. I love that! No more hungry kids.

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