Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Classroom Mgmt./Teacher Support

Collaboration with teachers is such a vital part of what a school counselor does. One way I like to collaborate is by being in the classroom (beyond classroom guidance lessons) and doing activities that support the teacher and the students. Having classroom meetings is one effective way to build collaboration with the teacher, students, and develop classroom structure. Classroom meetings can be beneficial in teaching students how to work better together (conflict resolution) and develop unity/a positive working relationship. Before winter break, I had the opportunity to facilitate classroom meetings (10 total) for 30 minutes each morning in an upper elementary classroom that was having some difficulty with behavior and following directions. During these morning meetings we did activities on conflict resolution, compliments (the different types, giving/receiving), listening skills, and behavior/consequences. It was so nice to work closely with the teacher, develop a stronger working relationship with the students, and see how they (students and teacher) enhanced their relationship with each other. How do you provide support to teachers that are new or are in need of behavioral/climate assistance?

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